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The little secret of spirit of fresh and juicy of 31 years old of belles
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The woman is water do, so the face wants spirit of fresh and juicy, the eye wants bright. Nevertheless, the view that presses a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is not to raise water, want to raise shade however. I also said in front, blain of feminine long blain is not in relief gas too fill however shade air is inadequate, shade can't contain is in relief, what expression comes out is internal heat.

Hey, that water can put out a fire, it is good to drink water more, not be actually such, water is drunk much also meet toxic, kidney also is met burden not, meeting bloat comes to eyelid.

Do not eat the food of flavour dense as far as possible

The water inside feminine body is divided, be cannot loss exceeding. Relative to our body, a lot of explicit east east can count internal heat.

For instance, exaggerate of the five flavors, too salty too bitter too hot food, it is internal heat, the gas in needing us to use will mediate.

Unluckily we very the dish with partial heavy taste, especially which days of mood is bad, press muscularity or want to be loosened on the weekend, be afraid of only want to eat a bowl so hot that awful water boils a fish.

Chinese food itself also some kind of flavour in classify the five flavors, but if be food only,do not matter, the key is condiment, especially flavor. It is the famousest on the world that Chinese flavor is afraid of only, inside a bowl of dish, for instance pink of the five spices, it is seed of cassia bark, anise, small fennel, coriander, Chinese prickly ash 5 kinds of flavor, still meet likely rejoin ginger, green, garlic, chili, dried tangerine or orange peel is waited a moment, alas, I am incomputable these …… flavour extremely the food of dense is met really loss our fountainhead, if its temperature is not of moderate, however particularly cold or it is particularly very hot word, the appearance that lets us then is more a loss.

Eat less deepfry and bake the provision that make

Still have the snacks of our edible, they are general very sweet fragile, pass deepfry or be to bake make. Actually scamper crosses the person of the thing to know, deepfry is the process of dehydration, their mouthfeel is very good. But once these food that took off water enter our body, the moisture in our body can be absorbed like fish of badge with sb on it immediately, eat so much you work with respect to meeting mouth. Actually these deepfry are mixed those who bake the food that make to absorb is not water, however the body fluid in the body.

The mood is bad and special caustic colour

Still have our state of mind, if not be halcyon, gentle, however indignant, depressive, sad, ecstatic, this what does on-the-job field have again but strange? What we also want to employ the body is medium gas goes counteracting it, also want so greatly our shade enrages loss.

Say for go, this fountainhead in our body, want everything to be spent nevertheless only, it is self-restraint it. Food is a bit more delicate, the mood is a bit gentler, water separates enough woman, the skin can be water water.
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