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Fanbing puts inside and outside on the ice to all repair beautiful white secret
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Inland dawns when safflower Fan Bingbing is called all along crystal beauty, she is blown then play the skin that can defeat to offend countless people to admire admire. After all how is she to maintain give the perfect skin that so white fair-skinneding get rid of appears? Here is done with respect to the book of beautiful Bai Bi this crystal beauty make public greatly.

Fan Bingbing laughs at character, him it doesn't matter maintains particularly secret recipe, can manage to find time namely according to cutaneous dry wet circumstance uses self-restrained face film to do nurse. Fan Bingbing is special recommend mix face of apply of juice of fresh fruit vegetables with milk, this kind contains face film effect exceedingly pretty good, and economy is substantial.

Fan Bingbing also likes to study beautiful white treatment very much, this and " beautiful white king " big S very picture, but the extreme that her beautiful white secret recipe is different from big S however and additional kind, mix however she this individual is same very along with the gender, very the life. About how becoming the skin beautiful Bai Shui is tender, fan Bingbing revealed his secret: Taste complete cleanness with face of beautiful white clean first facial, reoccupy is put in the beauty that has refrigerated in freezer to keep face of wet water apply in vain, give a face a softness with beautiful flour film then caress, the most crucial is to having afore-mentioned move while open air humidifier even, ensure the skin gets abundant moisture alimentary.

As star, fan Bingbing attends all sorts of circumstances to want to make up mostly, make up so discharge makeup is very main job her to, won't do is the least bit and careless. Fan Bingbing suggests to choose cosmetic to must choose quality to have the brand that assure, come to those who go out make up the effect is good, 2 will stimulate a little bit small also to cutaneous. She expresses, discharge makeup than it is more important to make up, because cosmetic remains,the word in facial ministry is very big to cutaneous injury. Accordingly, even if be to pat play to take a late night so tired that eyelid carries did not rise, before she still coerces she stands in the mirror thoroughly clean and facial.

Fan Bingbing still stresses the beauty is a need in vain inside and outside holds repaired thing concurrently, besides wanting to notice on cosmetic, notice food and state of mind even. Eat fruit and vegetable more at ordinary times, because fruit vegetable contains a lot ofa vitamin, can retain cutaneous flexibility and moisture, and what crude fibre vegetable and fruit conduce to body endotoxin is cleared. Additional, proper motion and enough sleep also are a magic weapon that makes sure white fair-skinneding get rid of appears the skin.

The beautiful Bai Xin that Fan Bingbing follows all girls that love the United States very gladly to communicate her is gotten, she says, every girl has her beauty, there is ugly woman on this world, have lazy woman only.
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