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Buy opportunely wash protect things darling moister
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The skin is the organ with darling the largest whole body, it can protect darling to avoid those who accept the external world all sorts of stimulation, adjust temperature, inbreak as what covering layer prevents harmful bacteria, protect vitals of the other inside body. Compare with adult photograph, no matter the skin of darling is in on the function or on the structure, have very big difference. The skin of darling is delicate, hemal and rich, so the skin allows easy injury and agnail.

The function of darling adjustment sweat gland has not been perfected, perspire on unit area much, moisture is missing fast, the skin is easier and dry.

Leave sorching summer, cool autumn has come, the autumn is dry,crisp air of autumn, but what accompany and come is dry climate, the skin with delicate darling gets used to airy change very hard, how do new mother undertake nursing to the skin of darling in the autumn, let darling people still can does the skin spend the autumn moistly? I introduce a few autumn to protect the Xiaochang of skin to know to darling to everybody below:

Protect the choice that skin tastes

The infant still is done not have as a result of its skin full-fledged, the protective effect that because this is counteractive,skin dehydrates is not big. Plus intensity of their cutaneous machinery cost of thin, Ph mixes low, corneous layer high leather fat is little, so the skin not only dry, and also suffer outside effect. The additive of nutrient health care such as right amount antiseptic, vitamin and pearl powder, protein is added mostly in children frost, and the product is neuter or small acidity more, with the infant's Ph the value agrees. Infant often put on the skin is used, can protect the skin, prevent water to divide excessive loss or macerate, avoid the skin dry crack and dung, make water, acerbity, alkaline or microbial grow cause perverse stimulate.

Embellish skin product divides darling appropriative commonly frost of skin of embellish skin dew, embellish and embellish skin oil 3 sort, before a kind of meeting is compared after one kind a few oilier. Under photograph comparing, frost of skin of the embellish skin dew that contains natural and moist part, embellish is contained commonly protect wet factor, the oil of skin of skin; embellish of can effective moist darling contains crude mineral oil commonly, can prevent weather-shack, moist cutaneous result is a few stronger. Additional, sell on market protect skin to taste distinguish for the bound by one one full year of life, the darling under one one full year of life can choose special baby to nurse article, of above of one one full year of life can choose children to nurse article.

Want to select professional product above all when buying children to protect skin to taste, not be children of major, normal production the product that protects skin to taste manufacturer contains adult things part probably, had better not buy. Even if the manufacturer that produces child cosmetic technically, new product of production also does not want to buy, had better select the old product of a few maturity, hear the introduction of others and opinion, and, the trademark that darling protects skin to taste is unfavorable often change, the skin of such darling need not protect skin to taste thresh to adjust to what differ. Additional, want to see product ingredient table, pick a few part as far as possible simpler, do not contain the flavor, alcohol, product that does not have moisture equilibrium of skin of can exciting, very good protection, in order to reduce pair of darling cutaneous stimulation. Those who need an attention is, if darling uses occurrence allergy of the skin after protecting skin to taste to react, be like the skin aglow, occurrence measles, should instantly disuse. In addition, because you and darling are contacted constantly, the embellish skin frostlike powder that you use close type is a better choice.
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