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"Hairdressing futures expert " caress skin accurately
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Yes, what we say is not real stock and futures investment, what we say is the word with the lucky —— that protect skin, you are a few days in can solve small blain successfully; Occasionally, spend ability of a few months to see bulky pore get ameliorative quite; But some problems, want to spend so long time all one's life to take care to treat it seems that however. Understanding needs to grow the way protecting skin of short-term and different time, become expert of futures of a hairdressing, caress your skin accurately.

Invest for a long time: Microgroove / furrow

Resembling Rome is not one day is caused, microgroove and furrow also climb a face to go up suddenly between one night. Before this aggravating grain appears, skin already all previous classics a variety of undeserved the cross that maintain, each pace is in caution next exasperate, but always by carelessly oversight. Remember please: Precautionary microgroove, furrow never is disrelished early!

Fine / furrow forms route chart: Be short of furrow of —— of microgroove of flabby —— of water —— dry ——

Having enough moisture content is skin keeps healthy, burnish and the highest the golden rule that defy ageing, 70% what held one individual weight because of water, among them 60% in the skin. Cuticular layer is short of water to be able to arise dry the phenomenon that takes off bits, coarse dark and gloomy, produce false sex furrow further, right now if or else attention is additional right amount oil is divided and water is divided, will form the wrinkle that removes hard truly, still meet those who reduce skin resist at the same time force, make skin becomes easy inflammation is allergic, accelerate the process of ageing.

Of course, ageing of human body nature can cause crop of matrix of collagen albumen etc inevitably to decrease, prediction of a person's luck in a given year is degenerative even, bring about skin to appear fine / furrow. Smooth ageing, namely the ageing that ultraviolet ray causes, can make collagen albumen metamorphic, leather fat is secreted maladjusted, cause the skin thick acerbity dark and gloomy, do not have flexibility flabbily, because of collagen once albumen is metamorphic, cannot recover from an illness forever, as the growth of the age, these evil consequence can turn freely stagger furrow into one one depict go up at the face.

Fight knit razzia politic:

The cutin of 1 health:

The moisture in corneous layer and protein were occupied each 40% , the fat that has 20% additionally is qualitative, they seem to consolidate the cement of the brick, can will corneous cell is close together cohere, block shut-off of water is divided from prediction of a person's luck in a given year of “ clearance ” .
The vegetable fat with compensatory and high grade A is qualitative, oil of oil of Ba of the carry on one's shoulder that be like carry on one's shoulder, coloured glaze Ju, olive oil, the month sees careless oil and lacteal oil wooden fruit oil is waited a moment, all can form wall of the barrier that defend water, and they contain a lot ofa vitamin, close skin sex is tall, absorb very easily for skin place.
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