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Learn facial with minority simple and effective
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When your encounter beyond of the setting sun takes the edition offer below, river side beauty Home Dai female swaying long hair makes you colourful admire unceasingly; When the lane of your ramble Li Jiang, a scent that diffuses in air, rangnaxi female beauty becomes extremely tender; Still girl of home of the dimension in the city that amount to slope shows the long long eyelash that shines suddenly suddenly, 72 stockaded village Home Dong is like the bob of the cloud on girl the top of head. Beautiful picture always makes a person enchanted. These secrets whether take be used for us, let us one dug unexpectedly, and study sth in order to apply it.

Dai nationality

The water that clean out rice is raised piece elegant long hair

By the side of the river that imagines Yu Hui of the setting sun, home Dai belle grows the amorous feelings with elegant hair, it is to make a person deep be infatuated with really. Allegedly, dai woman need not shampoo, are they what to what method makes a hair so elegant use then? Secret recipe actually very simple, use the bath that clean out rice to send namely, do not cross this what rice points to is polished glutinous rice. The face gets off after waiting for the water that clean out rice to precipitate thick stiff part places a few days, after precipitation ferments, be classy “ washs the ” that send juice. After be being washed, the hair is pitch-black be like lacquer, very attractive.

Take doctrine

Actually, the water that clean out rice protects the biggest secret of hair, there are very rich vitamin B and E in Yu Jihan, dimension B can help a hair make melanin grain automatically, and dimension E is moist the ace with nutrient hair, had these two baby, how is the hair met again pie-eyed?

Pure natural sweet wood makes face film

Home Dai belle but early begins to use ” of “ face film, it is “ amounts to that calorie of ” , it is to use sweet wood, resembling is the oar juice that white sandalwood or agalloch eaglewood add a kind of yellow that comes out after water is abrade on small stone mill, its usage follows us film of commonly used today daub type face is same, get on it in the face thin besmear sparsely, after spending paragraph of time again abluent. This can be the hairdressing cosmetic of Dai woman tradition, it is to let skin of Home Dai girl keep slippery slip tender tender great merit official.

Take doctrine

No matter be white sandalwood or agalloch eaglewood, they are having moist the ability that skins with bate, and white sandalwood is having more maintain wet ability formidably. Now, white sandalwood part was added in many maintaining is tasted, that fragrance of mysterious warmth, in meeting general skin store open of water gate tenderness, fountainhead silently infuse, the instant illumed to skin.

The Naxi nationality

Sweet fume hairdressing perforative life

Rambling Li Jiang, those who feel the deepest is accept the woman is opposite on the west sweet the acme that fume is had deep love for, and allegedly this one nowadays most of IN sweet fume popular wind, it is the earliest namely in the sacred activity in Dongba teaching outspread those who come out, later, devotional accept on the west the person goes oil of essence of life from the extraction in flavor plant, will treat a disease with them cure injury, hairdressing is raised colour. Again later, oil of essence of life is gone to by exit again Burmese, Pakistan, all the time Europe of prep so far as. Its distinctive beauty, the palace nobles that let Europe also are to fondle admiringly, pardonable essence oil has the good name of oily ” of “ Oriental demon again.
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