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Skin filling water has exquisite
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Winter, dry climate takes away cutaneous moisture, skin appears easily the problem such as long blain, desquamate, microgroove, splash, allergy. For this, lady love the United States thinks all sorts of method to be skin filling water: Make filling surface film frequently, increase the frequency that wash a face to wait. But expert proposal: Increase air humidity only, the moisture ability in making the skin natural absorb air fills effectively water. Accordingly, understanding skin is dry degree, according to him cutaneous " suffer tired " the circumstance chooses an appropriate humidifier is right choice.

Outdoors worker is antiseptic add wet

Long outdoors works and the person of the not commonly used product that protect skin, facial ministry lacks protection, moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year is quickened, the bacterium slips into skin depth directly, destroyed natural factor carrying water, make the skin protects wet function to drop. They should choose the humidifier with antiseptic powerful function, fill already water, antiseptic.

Countermeasure major produces humidifier inferior the company is brand-new the Dishini that roll out cartoon series humidifier, particular silver-colored particle is antiseptic technology, can kill effectively, in restraining water all sorts of microbial with the bacterium cause, be without noxiousness and side-effect.

The person that make up is added equably wet

The person skin that often uses cosmetic is unusually sensitive. In the winter, disequilibrium of humidity of the airy in small office environment, sensitize skin surface is exceeding lack water, quickened exciter inbreak. This kind of sensitive skin is the ageing in all skin gets the fastest skin.

Countermeasure should notice to accomplish accordingly make skin even add wet. Inferior particular dispersion adds wet skill equably, can go to dispersion of nature of element of water of accept rice class in air, won't produce gas mist phenomenon, add wet evener, humid air diffuses farther, no matter be in which corner of the office, can enjoy pure and fresh and humid air.

Office worker health care is added wet

Office worker is everyday in the space of the modern convenience such as computer, printer, be full of radiation. Cause the skin to be short of water, pore bulky, the skin is coarse and bestrew microgroove, grease is overmuch more body reveals the skin exceeding the fact that lacks water, so more need to notice sanitarian function.

Ion of countermeasure negative oxygen has " air sanitation element " say, can purify blood effectively to improve breathing function, stimulative metabolism, adjust endocrine, alleviation insecurity mood, eliminate positive electrical charge to be stimulated to human body. Yadoujia is wet implement generator of particular negative oxygen ion, natural generation loses oxygen ion, provide wet outer space already, adjusted again disorder internal system, achieve double filling water effect. Standard, health care, protect skin, damp, Morpheus mode of 5 files work more offerred multiple filling water choice.
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