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Winter cutaneous conserve
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Cutaneous condition gets extremely easily the influence of surroundings, choose the feasible method that protect skin according to different seasonal characteristic, it is to maintain cutaneous is crucial. Still be to cutaneous harm in the winter serious, because of the winter besides like having the fall dry, return those who have freezing zephyr snow to perverse stimulate.

So does hiemal skin maintain what should notice?

⒈ maintains the skin as far as possible wet. Because winter makes the skin sends dry chap easily, so compensatory water portion is the important facet that winter protects skin, the best method of compensatory water portion is to drink water more, eat a fruit more. Should notice indoor humidity at the same time, winter weather is dry central heating is used to warm the equipment such as wind can evaporate inside together with house again the water portion in air, make air even more dry. In such house, be opposite not only the person's skin is bad to also have harm to the body. Accordingly, acquire indoors it is necessary that one has the humidifier that adds wet function.

⒉ chooses to protect skin appropriately to taste. In skin cleanness condition falls, besmear first frost of a nutrition, on nutrient cutaneous foundation the foundation cream that him color of skin suits on besmear again or latex give the skin in order to protect.

⒊ winter also should notice to prevent bask in. Although the sunshine in the winter is not point-blank, but illuminate does not compare other season to the ultraviolet ray on the skin little. Sunshine of catoptric of place of ice and snow is harmed to cutaneous particularly serious. So winter is prevented bask in not allow to ignore.

The hot water bath with proper ⒋ . In cold winter, the movement of each systems all is in human body sluggish state, the stimulation that needs the external world will assist its to run. Proper hot water bath (3, 4 days) can strengthen cutaneous metabolism, stimulative blood circulates, maintain healthy color of skin.

⒌ hiemal makes up. Appropriate weak makeup can protect the skin effectively not only, still can add warm color for the wintry day with bleak wither. Light Qing Dynasty should avoid in coloring respect and behave bright and beautiful. With orange department, deep palm 2 kinds of rouge are painted facial ministry outline, make the face has pretty stereo feeling. Zygomatic go up with orange, its fall with orange. Eyelid fastens eye shadow with orange on, next eyelid are close to eye tail section to use nigger-brown, the color that the color of look line wants to compare eye end is deeper, form clear eye body. Labial outline uses paint of straight line drawing, with deep thick vermilion lipstick is caught, quarrel place fastens lipstick with dark palm, to among dizzy catch, form modelling of stereo administrative levels.

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