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Expert viewpoint: Copy of Huan of Lang Gong of Le of Xi of strontium clear strok
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On October 16, citizen Ms. Yin sends email to say: "I often go out, forget sometimes belt prevent bask in things. Thought at the beginning autumn, the sun also is not very poisonous, do not need to prevent bask in. Can be away on official business from Yantai recently come back to discover, a lot of stain appeared on white before face, the skin some ' get hurt ' , whether to want to seek advice from the autumn to need to prevent bask in? Does autumn maintain what does the skin still need to notice? "

Our newspaper reporter sought advice from hill big the concerned expert of 2 courtyards. The expert points out, autumn is prevented it is likewise important to bask in. Chu Qiu's skin compares summer to suntan more easily, prevent the word that bask in carelessly, fleck increases more easily, skin is easier thick hard. In addition, the chroma because of autumnal ion layer relatively summer is rare, the amount that ultraviolet ray is absorbed by ionic layer also relatively summer is little. So, autumnal climate is admittedly delightful, but it is the season with strong ultraviolet ray however. Because this autumn winter skin maintains,the key should be: Make skin restores from inside insolation; Choose appliance to beautiful white diminish inflammation reachs those who contain moist sex effect to maintain article; Emphasize massaging apply face, stimulative metabolism.

The expert still points out, the lady that loves the United States mights as well much in daily life attention is the following the problem of 4 respects, can let the skin also become in autumn of spirit of fresh and juicy.

Water more, water cold water.

Water raise skin with effect of drinkable cool boiled water optimal, water permeates the skin easily to organize interior, be helpful for the inadequacy of the moisture in compensatory skin.

The key of tarry water is nutrition.

Although some people often also water, but the skin remains the same very dry, can weaker, Tibet does not stay in the Chu Shuigong that main reason is airframe water, because this had water, still must its tarry.

of human body store water function, basically rely on the crystal that makes by inorganic salt place to permeate press the colloid that forms with protein place to permeate pressure, so filling water waters besides how, still should notice tie-in and reasonable dietary nutrition construction, need much complement to contain ossein, lecithin, vitamin, mineral rich food, in order to improve cutaneous nutrition, enhance cutaneous store water ability.

Increase indoor humidity.

Besides must water more, still answer to put a water or humidifier of the air that start inside the room, in order to increase indoor humidity, and hour of every other number gives skin gush dot water, make the skin lies from beginning to end a kind of relatively wet condition.

The whole body nurses after bath bath.

Bath is a kind of good whole body protects skin hairdressing medium. When washing bath, control of lukewarm general appropriate is in water 37 ℃ are the following, time is unfavorable exceed 20 minutes, water is warm exorbitant, time is too long, make content of skin surface lipoid easily deliquescent, bring about moisture to volatilize.
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