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Winter protects 3 of skin to remind
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Feature of climate of our country hiemal is air temperature low, humidity is small, baric tall, and constant companion has fresh gale weather. These weather conditions are adverse cutaneous health care. Microtherm makes the skin easily vasomotor, time grows, can bring about skin nutrition to become poor, together with air is dry, the skin can become coarse take off bits, chap even, it is easy that old people is returned in urticant disease of occurrence skin Sao. Winter maintains the skin, but from the following 3 respects proceed with.

Maintain with water the skin

Wash a face alternately with cold hot water in the morning, use warm water wet spread first, the face is brushed with cold water after, this law conduces to reduce facial skin the sensitivity to microtherm; Face in the evening before sleeping, wash a foot with hot water, with this dredge main and collateral channels, stimulative blood circulates, effectively precautionary foot is cracked and chilblain; The water that bathes in the winter is warm should control in centigrade 38 ℃ left and right sides, such already advantageous reduce skin Sao urticant disease, wash a few useful material on flay skin not easily to be like leather fat again. When washing a face, want to use toilet soap less, use the grandma that wash a face as far as possible; When bathing, can join in water a few vinegar, damage in order to reduce basic material to cutaneous.

Be apt to uses the method that protect skin

After washing a face in the morning, put on the skin uses the cosmetic protecting skin with much fat of a few oiliness, massage several minutes, in order to regain the skin flexibility of as a result of cold air stimulation slacken. Making fruit face film is the good method of winter embellish skin, can choose contain the apple with vitamin richer C, pear, banana to regard face film as material, undertake every weeks 1, 2, it is advisable to be controlled with 20 minutes every time. People likes winter indoor warm oneself, make air humidity becomes lower so, go against skin health care, answer to raise indoor humidity through the method such as wet towel of aspersion, air, use humidifier so. People likes winter wear sweater, but abb is easy absorb cutaneous grease, so cervical also should besmear a few frost that protect skin.

Food maintains the skin

Winter drinks water more is to maintain the principal premise with lubricant and soft skin, the quantity that drink water with be being controlled 2 litres everyday advisable. Diet, should eat the food such as oil of all sorts of vegetable, bright grandma, egg, vegetable more, these contain a lot of vitamins that are helpful for skin health care in food. Besides, want the skin is good, indispensible still absorb a few mineral, wait like magnesian, Potassium, these are mineral can remove fatigue, outer leaf aid digestion, quicken enzymatic activity, stimulative blood to circulate, be helpful for hairdressing beautifying hair thereby. Human body is daily must absorb 300, the magnesium of 400 milligram, and in food of food of magnesian main consist in, go after overly so " take course more little have a meal " , also go against cutaneous health.
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